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Posted by admin | | Monday 22 October 2012 9:31 am

Linux web server is a very much reasonable and operative form of hosting. It is highly customizable. This means that server administrators can modify the server to suit their needs precisely and even create their own version of the operating system to best serve the needs of the company hosting the server.

linux web server

So Linux web servers are considered to be the best Operating System by many professionals. When compared to windows in terms of:

Cost Effective: Linux operating system is an open source and therefore, you get it for free with all server applications. Free availability of PERL, PHP and MySQL reduces the hosting cost effectiveness.

Very High Uptime: Linux servers have a very high up-time of 99.9%. So the proportion that your website will be down is very less.

Scalability: Consider a blog or forum or social-networking website; these websites have a high amount of content added daily. Linux offers easy scalability options without any changes in the design.

Portable: Websites with Linux based web host can be moved to a window based web host, but you cannot move a website from windows web hosting for Linux hosting.

Robust and User Friendly: The robust nature of Linux is a great advantage against viruses, hackers. The steps involved in uploading and hosting your website on a Linux web server is very easy and its user friendly. 

Linux server with GUI:

GUI (Graphical user interface) is perhaps the most important thing that has made the difference in people’s approach towards the usage of various operating systems.

As we know, windows OS has better GUI than Linux. Although Linux server with GUI are catching up fast and are providing a great platform to the clients. Those are very attractive and functional.

All in all, it’s probably very easy for Linux beginners to begin with a GUI X Window system of your choice and then progress on to a text-based character system, if that is your choice or wish as you experience the joys, power and functionality of the Linux server with GUI.

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