DNS server configuration is very important for the proper working of your website

Posted by admin | | Monday 22 October 2012 10:49 am

Your website’s fully qualified domain name (such as http://www.linuxserverconfiguration.net) is critical for persons visiting your website. However, few individuals recognize that the usual way of registering your domain name has risks that can easily be dodged.

DNS server configuration is very important for the proper functioning of your website. The name of your domain is registered in three places. Each of these has to be working. If any one of them doesn’t work, your website will not exist, because will be able to visit it.linux web server

DNS Server Setup is registered in the top-level domain (TLD, generally.com) by a registrar. The registrar puts in an entry aiming to a domain name server (DNS server). This domain server in turn has the actual address of your website. You now have contracts in place for three diverse services, if you also take in hosting your web server. Naturally, you would have your hosting company handle all these three contracts.

The danger is that your hosting corporation goes out of business. Your webserver will then stop functioning, and you need to switch over to another hosting firm. To switch over, you will need to update your DNS server setup or your registration at the TLD. However, the corporation that would allow you to do this has just gone out of business. You are stuck!

Less dramatic, but equally annoying, is the position where the company’s customer service has gone very bad. If you need customer service to shift to another hosting company, you could experience a major interruption.

To avoid this danger, it is a good to have distinct companies handle your domain name and hosting. By providing your Linux DNS server configuration, or it can be windows hosting to a different party; you have the much-improved flexibility should your hosting company or registrar break down. To setup or move a domain, you will need a contract with a Linux DNS configuration hosting provider.

Before you register a new domain, you should enclosure the records that point to the webserver to the DNS hosting provider. Depending on your hosting situation, there is a set of records to use. Your web hosting firm should be able to show you that evidence. Once you have correctly hosted your domain, you can instruct the registrar to use your new domain name servers. Opposing to popular belief, most registrars update their records instantly.

Should your hosting company stop with providing you with the service you need, you can simply switch over to an alternative hosting company by just altering the DNS records. You do not need your hosting enterprise for that.

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